ChristiansAreFun is where laughter meets praise, 
...and fellowship feels like hanging out with your best buds


A Little About Us
We're a lively bunch in Central New York, all about putting the 'fun' in faith and making get-togethers an event to remember.

Whether we're connecting or reconnecting,  sharing stories over a hot cup of mmm, competing in a friendly game, or serving up some love and encouragement to others, we're doing it all in the spirit of Jesus.

Whether we're diving into thought-provoking chats or laughing over Christian comedians, it's all about good company while celebrating every step of this incredible faith journey.  And the best part? 
You're invited!

Join us to share meaningful discussions as well as playful and silly times. Let's celebrate life's milestones, victories and praises together. 

Got ideas for our next get-together? We're all ears!

So come as you are – doubts, hopes, and all – and let's do life together, the ChristiansAreFun way. Can't wait to see you and share some good times!

In Person Events


Sat March 2nd
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                     Your Hostess :

     Meet Laurine

 -your guide and fellow believer on this joyous journey of fellowship and fun. With a heart warmed by God's love and a spirit ignited by the laughter of His people,  Laurine has been nurturing communities for over three decades through the power of connection and shared culture. 

Her passion for bringing Christians together in celebration is the foundation of "Christians Are Fun" events. As a certified natural health enthusiast, Kingdom entrepreneur leader and founder of Biblical Health & Kingdom Lifestyle, LLC, Laurine infuses every event with the essence of faith, family, and a wholesome environment. 

 She's not just organizing events; she's crafting memorable experiences where laughter is a prayer, fellowship is a feast, and every gathering is a glimpse of Heaven's joy. 

 Copyright Laurine Saba